About Me

Self-Discovery Coach

Do you ever feel like the person you present to the world is not the same one as the one you see in the mirror?

I’m Sandy,

your Self-Discovery Coach

I work with women experiencing their second spring standing at the crossroads of change. I help them reclaim their soul so they wake up every day excited, confident and fulfilled.

My journey began when my first husband decided he no longer wanted to be married. Rather than owning his part, he made the statement that I no longer needed him. I told him I still needed him, I just needed him differently. He still walked away.

When a friend dragged me to a singles event - someone asked me what I liked to do and I did not know what to say. It was at that moment I realized my entire entity was wrapped up in being who everyone else expected me to be.

I kept repeating that pattern over and over - in friend relationships, love relationships and work relationships. I felt like a chameleon - doing what everyone else wanted or expected me to do or be. I would say yes when I wanted to say no.

I grew tired of always being told who and what to be feeling like my voice didn’t matter and wearing a different mask depending on who I was with rather than being my true self.

It’s now my passion and my mission to help other women become their best self and recognize the worth they were born with.




"I never thought the benefits of a Life Coach could have such a positive affect on my life. Sandy exhibits a unique style with her coaching that focuses on healthy behaviors. I felt that her insight and direction were always on target. I felt championed by Sandy's support in the attainment of my personal goals and I will forever appreciate her partnership as not just a life coach but also an ally. Her sessions were always productive and efficiently run, which is perfect for someone who is juggling many priorities. You will not be disappointed by the level of great communication, professionalism and quality that Sandy brings to her work."

  • Connie O.

"Sandy has been a gift and a treasure of insight and generosity. Her big heart and honesty coupled with her ability to call it like she sees it, have been a tremendous asset in helping me to see things I was not sure I was ready for. She cares deeply and it shows in everything she does. Sandy brings a wealth of knowledge in business, health and wellness and knows first-hand what it takes to overcome challenges and will expertly lead the way. Her courage and confidence helped me to open up and see past my own and guided me through at times when I needed a new perspective. My accomplishments would not have had the same outcomes and I am grateful for her. She has been a joy to work with. I highly recommend her as a coach if you are ready for expansion and seek a new sense of self."

  • Deb D.

"Everyone should have a “Sandy” in their life. Her support and advice is spot on and makes you feel as if you are exactly where you should be. Sandy has helped me through some very difficult times in my life showing me the path to the other side. She guides you through self analysis and introspection with amazing finesse and love. I highly recommend her - even if you don’t feel like you need her - she will help you grow to be your best self.

Sandy has an ability to bring you out of your head and into your heart. She supports you with her insightful guidance to heal you and lead you into a mindful life where you can release your negativity. I highly recommend her coaching and her daily Facebook posts.

You won't find better."

  • Cindy H.

"Do you ever wish someone would "get you" without judgement? I found that in Sandy as my Coach. She listened, she heard, and she guided me to open up and let myself be seen.

The thing that scares us can be so big in our heads until we have someone like Sandy to help. We don't know what we don't know until we know. I'm so, so glad I decided to work with her."

  • Stephanie L.

"Before working with Sandy, I was struggling with limiting beliefs around my own personal confidence. The negative self-talk was real. With Sandy as my coach she took the time to listen and let me uncover where the negative thoughts were coming from. By her listening and reflecting back to me I was able to find the solution to quieting the negative self-talk and gain self love. She is an amazing woman who has compassion and cares for her clients. I consider her not only an amazing coach but a dear friend also. If you are stuck in moving forward with confidence in life I recommend working with Sandy! Your life can be all you want it to be and more."

"When I first came to Sandy for coaching I was feeling defeated by my own self-talk. The voice in my head was saying, you aren't pretty, you can't be successful and make money. From my childhood, I had many thoughts that just continued into my self-talk now. I hadn't realized how strong they were until I started working with Sandy. What I loved about her coaching is how she asked questions that got me to think about my situation with a new perspective. Each week we would discuss my challenges and how I could change my mindset around how I was feeling. It allowed me to say I'm valuable and will be successful. I'm beautiful and want to take care of myself. She is so easy to talk to and will do the research needed to address what issue you are facing. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is struggling to get past any challenges in their life."

  • Suzy W.

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